Create Winning Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Partner with influencers to start live-discussions that drive community engagement like you've never seen before.


We believe in a world where influencer marketing is less about ‘I tried it, I like it’ and more about the facilitation of conversation and debate. What if you could allow your target audience to interact, comment, invite others and engage with your product and brand during a live-demonstration? We are ORPIVA and we’re changing the way brands engage with influencers to reach new audiences.


Perfect Match Making

Our technology identifies the right influencers for your brand based on their relevance, level of influence and engagement.

Conversational Technology

We spark conversations through live discussion, tech, visual collages and Orpiva’s Style Mirror to allow users to virtually try on products.

Real-time Analytics

See what’s working and what’s not so you can adjust the campaign in real time.

We're future ready and constantly developing new technologies to understand and engage audiences better


Reach Over 200 Million Customers Instantly

We work with over 20,000 influencers across fashion, beauty, fitness, travel, food, gaming, photography, lifestyle, parenting and more. We define influencers based on their level of influence and relevance, which means we believe in the power of micro-influencers and Key Opinion Leaders to reach audiences and spark unique or niche conversations.

Consumers turn to Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) for knowledge and advice, as they usually have a deeper understanding of an industry or topic. Build a network of KOLs to create conversation and content, engage your community or build your next product.

Reach Key Opinion Leaders


Collage Builder

This allows influencers to engage with your products and curate visual content that inspires their audience.

Live Discussion

Enable your target audience to interact, comment, invite others and engage with your product and brand during a live demonstration

Augmented Reality

Orpiva’s Style Mirror allows users to virtually try on searched and existing items by simply dragging and dropping garments onto their uploaded image.

We a have number of tools to supercharge brand campaigns, this includes many tools such as collage builder, live interaction and Style mirror functionalities to help the influencers have authentic and fun product experiences with audiences.

AI Tools Helping to Boost the Campaigns


High ROI

Achieve over 700% more engagements through authentic story-telling about your brand and products.

Improve Brand Loyalty

We provide interactive and fun shopping experiences, which are proven to increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Cost Effective

An affordable way to leverage new audiences. There are zero set up fees.

''The team at ORPIVA have incredible industry insight, and their technology was able to identify the perfect influencers and key opinion leaders that were completely relevant for our brand. We ran a three-month campaign and the engagement was 4x higher than we’ve seen before''

Get Started in 4 Simple Steps


Expert Consulting

We work with you to define your influencer campaign goals and objectives.


We match you with influencers most aligned to your unique brief.



We provide end-to-end campaign management from activation right through to results.

Upon completion, our team will provide detailed performance feedback.

Measurable Results



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