Algorithms Tour

How is Data Science woven into the fabric of ORPIVA ?
We are changing the way brands find content they love. Our clients want to find the ideal content to promote their products without having to search for it, come up with concepts, or keep up with current trends. We create a perfect match between brands and Influencers to make trendy and engaging content empowered by Big Data.


Content production is hard and time consuming from ideation, storyboarding, recording, editing and approval.

Our HUGAN technology allows dubbing of any text in any language to any desired face. ORPIVA GAN’s algorithm can turn any text to video of your favourite person/Influencer effectively digitising content creators.

This is great for brands, as they can create content they love instantly for ads, social media or their websites. We provide a Commercial Video Library containing carefully selected videos on latest trends.


Perfect Matchmaking

So what does the data look like? In addition to the rich feedback data we get from our clients, we also receive a great deal of upfront data from influencers content on social media in the form of text, images and videos.

We have trained Neural Network models to extract feature descriptors of social content to compute multilayer perceptrons consisting of 2.1 billion parameters. This hyperplane enables us to accurately classify and understand what the influencer content is and match with the brand's tone of voice!


Product Experiences (PX)

We spark conversations through Augmented Reality (AR), StoryQuest, Group Buying and many more PX to increase engagement and performance.

AR is one of the fastest growing areas in mobile technology and it has been rapidly adopted by nearly all social media platforms. We combine our relationship with influencers and our abilities to produce engaging AR Product Experiences. This helps brands to create campaigns aimed at huge audiences and generate massive User Generated Content. AR is a new way of engaging with product launches on social media and reducing a brand's carbon footprint.

We take care of everything to produce a complete and hassle free experience for brands. This can include anything from digitising clothing, footwear, eyewear and cosmetics. The possibilities are endless.

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Audience Insights

Data is essential for any high-performance marketing team. Marketing budgets end up scattered across a large number of social media platforms without any tangible outcomes!

We realise dashboards are crucial for centralising all social data, so it can be easily monitored and generate business insights for our partners. By providing an overview of the most important social metrics based on your KPI, we allow data-driven decision-making and give adaptability to  your social marketing.

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